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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Will Transportation be provided between Festival events?

A: Yes, there is transportation between all events, except for those which are within very short walking distance (e.g. Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral, which is directly across the street from the convention hotel). For the most part, venues are accessible by public transit. For more information on the Montréal public transportation system (STM), please visit our Explore Montréal page. All festival registrants will receive complementary unlimited transit passes for the entire week. In addition, chartered buses will be provided to and from all of the July 4 morning and afternoon events.

Q: I am not very comfortable with public transportation. Will this be a problem for getting around Montréal?
A: The Montréal public transportation is extremely safe and user-friendly. In addition, we are working hard to ensure that you have detailed transit and walking directions in the convention app and program book. We will have volunteers guiding Festival attendees to and from each venue. The convention hotel is conveniently located just one block away from the Peel metro stop. Many of the festival venues are also within easy walking distance of each other and the convention hotel. Visit our Explore Montréal page to find out more!

Q: Which concerts are included with Festival registration?

A: All concerts and workshops are included with Festival registration. A limited number of additional tickets will be available for purchase for selected concerts. 

Q: I prefer not to register online. Is there a printable registration form?

A: Yes, there is a printable PDF registration form available here. We prefer that you use the online registration system if you are comfortable with it, but you are always welcome to mail in a printed form.

Q: Why is there an option A, B, C, etc.

A: When events are listed as option A, B, C, etc., they are occuring simultaneously, and you may choose which one you wish to attend. We are asking that you select the option you plan to attend when you fill out the registration form for our planning purposes, since many of these venues are smaller and can only accommodate 200-300 people. By offering multiple concert options at each time, we are ensuring that everyone who wishes to attend a concert will have an option.

Q: How can I access the Festival hotel rate?
A: In order to access the direct online booking link, you must first register for Festival. Immediately after registration, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes all the details for booking your hotel room. If you encounter any problems, you may always contact us at, or by telephone at (514) 510-5678 

Q: The Festival hotel is outside of my budget. Are there any cheaper options?

A: We understand that the convention hotel may be out of budget for many convention attendees. You might consider looking into summer accommodations at McGill University as a less-expensive option. In addition, Montréal is home to a number of excellent hostels, which provide comfortable individual-room or dorm-style housing at affordable rates.

1er au 7 juillet 2017

July 1 - 7, 2017

l'AGO région du Nord-Est, le CRCO et le CIOC

Northeast AGO,