• AGO New York City Chapter (Concert of Jean-Willy Kunz, Montreal Symphony Hall)
  • Fonds de Solidarité FTQ (Concert of Christian Lane, Montreal Symphony Hall)
  • Greater Hartford Chapter of the AGO (Concert of Renée-Anne Louprette, Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey)

The Opening Festival Concert has been sponsored in memory of Mervin Mowry Costigan.

Cherry Rhodes' concert has been sponsored by Dr. John B. Herrington III, in memory of Dr. Robert B. Scoggins, Sr. (1933-2016), a longtime friend and supporter of Cherry Rhodes.

Our Sponsors

Great ($5000+)

  • Casavant Frères

Solo ($3000)

  • Orgues Létourneau

Choir ($1000)

  • Andover Organ Company
  • Yale Institute of Sacred Music

  • Cheryl Duerr​
  • AGO Greater Bridgeport Chapter (Frank Crosio, AGO Exam Preparation)
  • John Polo ​(Jan Overduin, Fantasia Apocolyptica)
  • AGO Springfield, Massachusetts Chapter (Festival Supporter)
  • AGO Greater Bridgeport Chapter (Festival Supporter)
  • ​AGO Portland Chapter
  • ​Darcy Latremouille
  • ​Donald Marjerrison

Headline Concert Sponsors

We wish to thank the following donors and sponsors for supporting the Montreal Organ Festival. If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to the festival, please visit our Giving Opportunities page.

Flutes ($500-$999)

Cocktail/Daytime Concert Sponsors

Our Donors

App Sponsors

Strings ($50-$249), cont'd.

  • William Brown
  • Earl Clark
  • Christopher Grocholski
  • Karen Holmes
  • David Klassen
  • David LaFranchise
  • James Leonard
  • Dion Lewis
  • Rick Morgan
  • Peter Nikiforuk
  • ​Joseph Novak
  • Leslie Robb
  • ​Edith Silva
  • Brian Sweetman
  • Keith S. Tóth
  • Madeleine Woodworth
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Godfrey Hewitt Memorial Fund (Concert of Stephen Boda and Colin MacKnight, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church)

Principals ($1000-$1999)

Student Sponsors

  • Walter David Weind (Friend of the Festival)​
  • ​​​Sam Balden
  • Ryan Baxter
  • Kathleen Bolduan
  • Lottie Enns-Braun
  • Rosemary Brown

Workshop Sponsors

  • AGO Greater Hartford Chapter
  • AGO New Haven Chapter
  • AGO Southeast Massachusetts Chapter
  • ​AGO Springfield, Massachusetts Chapter
  • John B. Herrington III
  • Peter Partridge
  • RCCO Toronto Centre
  • Wayne RIddell

Reeds ($250-$499)

Strings ($50-$249)

​​July 1–7, 2017

1er  au 7 juillet 2017

Presented by / Présenté par

Northeast AGO,


l'AGO région du Nord-Est,

le CRCO et le CIOC